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The Summary of Quality (John Galsworthy)

NRM              : 112154021
CLASS           : ITL  A

Mr. Gessler, an old man who worked as a boot maker, had a very rare character. He lived with his elder brother who looked like him, but his elder brother was paler than him. They lived in two rent tenements but let into one in the West End, the part of central London where there are many theatres and many large expensive shops and hotels. But among the expensive shops, their shop was the simpler one. They did not give any sign upon its surface, there was just a board, and their German names were written on it, “Gessler Brothers”. Mr. Gessler only made what was ordered by the customers.
The writer, John Galsworthy, knew him since he was very young, because his father used to order boots to him. John usually ordered his boots to him too. And he always thought that the boots were strange but extremely good, so that’s why he admired the maker. One day, when he was in Mr.Gessler’s shop, he asked shyly to him whether it was greatly hard to make that boots or not. He asked it because he was too curious. Then Mr.Gessler showed little respect in a humorous but unkind way and answered, “Id is an Ardt!”. He was a Germans, that’s why his English was still contaminated with German.
One morning, John came to that simple shop. “How do you do, Mr. Gessler? Could you make me a pair of Russia leather boots?”, he said. Then without a single word Mr. Gessler left but soon he came back with holding a piece of gold-brown leather on his hand. Then he stated, “What a beaudiful biece!”. And he continued, “ When do you wand dem?”. John replied, “Oh! As soon as you conveniently can.”
Mr. Gessler was very disciplined, once he heard the request from his customers, he would finish the boots as soon as he could. He would make the boots with the authentic materials. It means that he wanted to give priority to the quality of the boots he made. He did not care how much the price of materials. If the customers felt satisfied with his made, he would be satisfied too. That’s why I stated in the first line of paragraph one that he had a very rare character.
After about one year John was abroad, he came back to London, and visited Mr.Gessler’s shop. He would like to order boots again. Mr. Gessler told him that his elder brother was dead, so he lived alone there. A week passed, John wanted to come there to tell him how great the new boots fitted. But when he arrived there, Mr.Gessler’s name was gone. Then he went in till he found out that the shop was totally changed.
Suddenly an English man appeared, and it made John confused. Then he asked to that English man whether Mr.Gessler was in or not. “No, sir,  but we can attend to anything with pleasure. We’ve taken the shop over. You’ve seen our name, no doubt, next door. We make for some very good people”, answered the English man. Then he told John that Mr. Gessler was dead because of starvation. He saw Mr.Gessler was sitting over his boots day and night. That old man never gave himself time to eat. Besides, he never advertised his shop, that’s why he lost everybody. John was very shocked, then he left with hiding his sadness. 


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